Marcia Thornhill, Clerk

SWBCDC’s Clerk Marcia has been a resident of the Hyde Park, Readville neighborhood since 2003. She joined Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation in Roxbury 16 years ago as a Project Manager. Her efforts on projects such as Palladio Hall and the Dartmouth Hotel, both major development projects in Dudley Square, are a major factor in the success Nuestra has achieved these last 16 years. In 2002, Ms. Thornhill was named Director of Nuestra’s growing Real Estate Development Department. In this position, Marcia has overseen acquisition, rehabilitation and construction of several hundred units of affordable housing and commercial space, cultivating respect for Nuestra exponentially along the way. She continues to lead the Real Estate Development Department.

Ms. Thornhill sits on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporation and serves on its Housing Peer-Advisory Committee. In addition, she co-chairs Nuestra’s Real Estate Development Committee and has participated in numerous neighborhood community group meetings over the last 16 years. Ms. Thornhill has a Masters Degree in Public Policy from Tufts University and Bachelors degree in Financial Management from Boston University’s Metropolitan College.