You can invest in your community by joining SWBCDC



   Your gift of the amount you can afford keeps the work going! Give online,

or send your check to SWBCDC, 11 Fairmount Ave #101, Hyde Park, MA 02136


Southwest Boston CDC is a 501(c)(3) organization. Our federal tax ID is 04-3562853. Your contribution is tax exempt to the fullest extent of the law.



What can you do with your gift?

$15: Help a local family address an urgent housing problem and stabilize their tenancy

$50: Give leadership training and education to a local teen who will preserve and sustain Hyde Park’s Urban Wild sites

$250: Develop a local leader who will join with  neighbors to take action on local issues that are important to them

$1,000:  Make our next offer to buy property for our next affordable housing development

Any amount larger or smaller: Know that you are invested and have a say in your community

Contributing members also vote for the Board of Directors at the annual meeting in the fall



If you can make a larger gift, your gift will go twice as far!

swbcd_citc-info_20161203-cropped-pdfWith our Community Investment Tax Credits (CITC) you will receive a 50% refund back on your state taxes for any gift of at least $1,000.

If you give $1,000, you’ll get $500 back from the state. If you give $5,000, you’ll get $2,500 back! And you can also claim your total gift on your itemized federal taxes. Your gift goes far to invest in the community — but has a smaller impact on your wallet.

Any donor can receive the CITC credit: individuals, businesses, foundations, and other non-profits.

After you make your donation, you complete a 2-minute online form that you file with your taxes. It’s that easy.

Of course, contributions of less than $1,000 are also essential. If you can give $10, $50, $150 — or any other amount — you will help strengthen your community.

Please give today! Thanks!

To learn more about how your gift can do so much using CITC, please contact Erica Schwarz at 617-364-730.

special thanks to Graphic Designer Matt Smith for his pro bono work to design the info graphic above

You can also make a Planned Legacy Gift to Southwest Boston CDC.

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