Fairmount Indigo Transit Equity

Convenient & affordable transportation

Affordable homes by that transit

Greenways for enjoying the outdoors and to get to the transit

And good jobs that you can get to by taking the train

The Fairmount Indigo Line Route

SWBCDC is a member of the Fairmount Indigo Network and the Fairmount Indigo CDC Collaborative (FICC) and the Fairmount Indigo Transit Coalition, focused on gaining attention, building power and winning improvements along this rail line.

This rail line is the only train that passes through most of the neighborhoods it serves! So — with our partners in the Fairmount Indigo Network — we we work to make sure that the Fairmount line actually serves the people who live along it with affordable homes, good jobs, greenways for walking, biking and enjoying the outdoors, and good transit.

A big part of this work is improving service on the Fairmount Indigo Line. We are working with our allies for more frequent transit service, more reliable service, integration of commuter rail ticketing with subway ticketing, and bringing the Readville fare down in line with the rest of the line to give our neighborhoods the transit they deserve and need.

Good Transit should connect you to good jobs. Contact Us if you’re looking!

FICC has just kicked off the Jobs Referral Network to link residents in our neighborhoods to jobs along the Fairmount Line. If you are looking for a job, contact Jordan (617-364-7300 x 21) so we can help you connect to good jobs.

Good transit goes hand in hand with good walkways and greenways…

SWBCDC is active with the Fairmount Greenway Task Force — dedicated to preserving and creating open space areas for walking, biking, arts and culture along the Fairmount line. We envision a safe, active, and vibrant thread of paths, parks, plants and signage weaving its way from Dorchester down to Readville. SWBCDC members are now working on part of the greenway between Fairmount Station and Riverwood Shopping Center.

…and with Good Housing

Our work to expand affordable housing options is directly related to our goal to ensure that the neighborhoods along Fairmount Indigo line are vibrant and stable…that their residents are protected from displacement.

Fairmount Indigo Line improvements over the last years — such as 4 new stations and reduced fares that are in line with subway fares — have linked Hyde Park and other neighborhoods along the line to the rest of Boston. This has helped link people to jobs, doctors, family and other destinations that improve quality of life. With FICC and a wider set of community groups in the Fairmount Indigo Network working along this line, we will make sure local residents see the transit benefits — and related community improvements — that they want.


Southwest Boston CDC does this work with our partners in the: