The Green Team

Youth Jobs and Environmental Stewardship

“We found an endangered salamander in Sherrin Woods that breathes through its skin. Since it can’t live in polluted areas, so it was a good indication of the health of the woods”
“I feel less stressed being in the woods. Now I want to take walks with my dog and be one with nature.”
“I didn’t even know Sherrin Woods was there and I live close to it. I’ll visit more often now.”
It has helped me with public speaking and working in groups. I’m a lot more confident and independent. I always loved nature, but now I can identify stuff and show it to my family and friends.”

The Green Team is a job readiness and environmental stewardship program that has engaged over 125 youth since 2009. The team spends about 60% of their time on neighborhood and urban wild work projects and 40% of time on job readiness training and environmental education.

Green Team youth develop leadership skills; a sense of responsibility for their community; knowledge and interest in the natural environment and a range of job readiness and life skills. Through the program youth gain confidence in themselves as leaders, and adults see them in a positive light. Our youth get to know the community’s assets and become committed to preserving them.

In partnership with the Boston Parks & Recreation Department the Green Team has improved the health and accessibility of 7 local Urban Wilds. Our novel Goatscaping project during 2014 and 2015 at West Street Urban Wild was the first of its kind in Boston.  Read more about the Green Team’s projects… 

Our 2018 Green Team continued restoration work at West Street, Dell Rock, and Sherrin Woods Urban Wilds.  In Collaboration with the Charles River Watershed Association, the Green team hosted a volunteer work day at the Sherrin Woods Urban Wilds to remove Invasive plants and conduct a tree inventory. The Green Team worked with the Neponset River Watershed Association to investigate the presence of invertebrates in the River as an indication of the water quality. In 2019, youth who would like to work for the Green Team should sign up on the starting February 20th.

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The Green Team is funded in part by:

City of Boston Centers for Youth & Families and Department for Youth Engagement and Employment

Dedham Institute for Savings Foundation

Paul and Edith Babson Foundation

People’s United Community Fund

The Preparatory Foundation, Inc.

USDA Forest Service