Southwest Boston Community Development Corporation works to build and sustain a thriving, racially economically diverse community in Hyde Park and Roslindale. We work to prevent displacement, create and preserve affordable housing, strengthen the commercial base of the neighborhoods, ensure access to good transit and green spaces, and develop local leaders whose voices are not otherwise heard.


Our programs include:

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YOU can help get better service on the Fairmount Line!

Representative Evandro Carvalho of Dorchester has filed bill H2723 that would finally give us the service we need and deserve on the Fairmount Line.


If we get this bill passed:

Trains will run every 15 minutes or less
You can use your Charlie Card on the Fairmount Line
There will be much better signage and marketing

 What needs to happen now: 

Right now the bill is in the state legislature’s Joint Committee on Housing. We want the committee to pass the bill favorably out of committee so that the whole legislature can vote on it.

Here’s what YOU Can do:

Make a few calls and/or Send a few emails

The Fairmount Line Advocacy Week Packet  has all the details to help you call members of the Joint Committee on Housing.

“Advocacy Week”  may be over, but your action is still needed to move this bill out of the committee!

When you call or email just share briefly why this affects you, or why you care — and ask that the legislator do all they can to pass the bill out of the transportation committee.
Let us know if you contact the legislators! Email Alex Nadel with questions or to report that you made a call or sent an email!


SWBCDC is a Proud member of:

We organize around many issues, including the preservation of affordable housing.

We organize around local issues, including the preservation of affordable housing.

The Hyde Park Green Team – our youth jobs and environmental stewardship program – where youth learn teamwork and build confidence.

The Residences at Fairmount Station will be the first affordable housing developed in Hyde Park in over 20 years. They'll revitalize a downtown lot -- and bring more consumers to local businesses!

The Residences at Fairmount Station will be the first affordable rental housing developed in Hyde Park in nearly 25 years. It will revitalize a downtown lot — and bring more customers to local businesses!

We bring together residents to work on local issues together and have a good time!

We bring residents together to work on local issues…and have a good time!

Placemaking meets Transit Equity - taking signage into our own hands to link folks to the transformed Fairmount/Indigo Line

Taking signage into our own hands to connect riders to the improved Fairmount Indigo Line


The Hyde Park Green Team has been providing youth employment and environmental stewardship operating in partnership with the City of Boston since 2009.

The Annual Sherrin Woods Community Meeting – Hyde Park Green Team youth lead tours and develop public speaking skills by educating neighbors, local law enforcement, and family members about their work to preserve urban wilds.

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